Focusing on Food!

With Chef Andrea Crow behind the apron, Pangea Cuisines delivers quality healthy foods, without sacrificing the taste. They start by purchasing their meats and veggies from local farmers and turn them into delicious meals for all. They specialize in Paleo-friendly foods, however cater to all needs and diets.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to photograph an event catered by Pangea Cuisines. I would say everyone went home happy and full! For more info on Pangea Cuisines take a look here :



Splash of Red, White and Blue

For about 17 years, I spent hours a day in a pool swimming lap after lap. I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 5, until I graduated college in 2009 and was fascinated by water.  Water itself is a huge part of our daily lives and we don’t usually think twice about it. We drink it clean, we cook with it, we play in it, our bodies are made approximately out of 60% of it, and if you really study the water, it can make some beautiful shapes and designs.

These are from a project I worked on a while back and thought I would bring out a few for a little 4th of July red, white and blue.




The Many Faces of Baby Austin

Mommy Helene always tells me she can never say no to that face. After taking photos of her baby Austin, I can now see why! How can you say not to that face?!




Melanson Boys

Just can’t get enough of these guys! I got to spend Easter morning with Max and Nicholas. Even though Max had to be bribed with a prize to hang out with me, Id say we got some great photos.





“So you’re leaving someplace cold, to go someplace colder?!” they said to me. My response was, “why not!?” Almost two years ago when we first met, my boyfriend and I had talked about how the Northern Lights were on the top of our bucket list.  So once we found out he was deploying to Afghanistan, we decided now was the time regardless of the season.


Most people travel to Iceland in the summer months,  when the weather is quite a bit warmer and certainly much less sporadic.  Traveling in the winter we ran into changing weather almost every 20 minutes but in reality made for much better photos and certainly much more of an adventure. At one point we were being driven back to a town by a local fisherman and the Mayor of a small town because we had been stranded on the side of the road in a blizzard with white out conditions and wind that could lift me off the ground.


Our trip started in Reykjavik and went along the south coast as far as Hofn, and back up through the Snaefellsnes Penninsula. Along the way we hiked the ice caves in Jokulsaron, relaxed in some hot spring lagoons, and photographed everything from a plane wreck to sheep and everything in between. We carried out the tradition of swigging a shot of Brenivin after eating the foul fermented shark. My recommendation, chew as little as possible. On the last night we had given up on seeing the Northern Lights. We had searched all week for them with every night being cloudy, snowy, and rainy. About 100 yards outside of the lights in Reykjavik we jammed on the breaks in the car once realizing the clouds above us weren’t clouds anymore. Instead they were dancing colors!


My advice to you. Take a trip. Take a chance. And don’t necessarily go when everyone else tells you to go.