Grampa Robbie

This man is my Grampa Robbie, my dads dad.  I realized recently that I honestly have not spent as much time as I should with him over the years, so I asked him one day if he would have coffee with me and let me photograph him. And without any hesitation he immediately jumped at yes!

I knew he was an impressive guy, but the longer we spent talking over coffee at McDonalds, the more I loved learning about him. I learned that he has lived his entire life on the same street (mind you the street only has about 20 houses), and that his fathers house is 2 doors down. I learned that my father went to Scotland with his father. I learned about his favorite types of music, and about how the old Green Monster seats at Fenway were literally just scafolding. Grampa Robbie is 100% Bostonian, accent and all. I love it.

His memory is unbelievable. He remembers not only every apartment he lived in, but all of his roommates names, landlords names and years he lived there.  He remembers when Boston College was just a small local school and when Boston’s T system wasn’t a complete mess.

I could go on and on, but just know this man is a great Grandfather, father, son, husband, and friend to a whole lot of people.


Under the Barking Crab bridge

If you live in the Boston area, you know how cold its been over the last couple months. But New England weather has no idea what its doing!  So one night when it wasn’t -5 degrees, Kien and I finally got some shooting in.




Niagara Falls


Just a few from my night at Niagra Falls. I would like to know who in their right mind decided it was ever a good idea to go over the falls in a wooden barrel?!





Christian Science Center & Zakim

The Zakim Bridge and the Christian Science Center are two of Boston’s most beautiful places to photograph. And considering I live nearby and have beautiful Boston right at my fingertips, I figured it was time to photograph them. So heres a few to add to my Boston collection. Special thanks to Leslie for wandering around Boston with me and to Devon for sitting in traffic with me under the Zakim 🙂