Hurricane Sandy 2012

Weather is crazy!  And here I am again, photographing Lynn and its great beach.

Compared to the other 10 states that were effected by Hurricane Sandy this week, it seems like Massachusetts did get hit as hard.  Of course my heart goes out to all the people who really were affected by the storm.  As of today in Mass, most people had their power back and life went back to normal quickly.  And just like all the other crazy photogs, I needed to be out photographing whatever part of Sandy hit my area. So I decided to head back to Lynn, for what better than to watch the amazing waves that were crashing up during high tide.  ( And you cant help but do some people watching, not to mention you run into at least 10 people you went to high school with EVERY time you are there.)

So here’s a few of the waves the morning after Sandy hit good ol’ Lynn MA.


Jarrod & Kim

Yesterday I got to spend an hour or so at the beach with Kim and her two and a half year old son Jarrod.  Jarrod is an amazing little boy. He was not born into the best of circumstances but he is a lucky kid to have Kim in his life. Jarred is officially going to be adopted by Kim in November so we thought we should do a congratulatory photo shoot for the two of them. Here are some from our cold, but fun beach play date! Oh and Kim’s furry daughter Haley got to tag along as well (and by furry daughter I mean puppy!)




Hip Hop Class

For those of you who dont know me, you should know that I LOVE to dance. I may not be very good at it, but I dont care, its fun!  So a while back my friend Carly convinced me to go try a hip hop class to see if I liked it.  I did, and once a week I head over to the Dance Complex in Cambridge! The Dance Complex is this awesome old building with 6 floors with of dance studios that looks like its straight out of the old movie Save the Last Dance. Well me, being the nerd that I am, asked my  dance teacher Sharon, if I could photograph one of the classes. It was definitely not as easy to shoot as I thought it was going to be so I will shoot again, but here are some that I thought were pretty cool.


August 18 – Heather and Rachel’s Wedding Day

On August 18th Rachel and Heather finally decided to tie the knot! I was introduced to Rachel and Heather a few years ago by two of my best friends (Fulls and Kyle who were in the wedding party) and they have been friends of mine ever since. So I was honored to not only be asked to attend their wedding, but to photograph it too. One of the  things I love most about this couple is that they are always referred to together as “Rachel and Heather”, it is never just one of them used in a sentence. One name never goes said without the other, and it just goes to show how truly perfect for each other they really are.

Everything about this wedding went perfect. Each little detail showed a part of who they really are, from the homemade beer, to the crossword puzzles on the tables, and the “20 years together bottle” of whiskey. One of my favorite things about this wedding was the outfits. Rachel and Heather wore Green and Orange while they had their wedding party in all white. Awesome.

Anyway, Ill stop rambling. Congratulations Rachel and Heather 🙂



Oh yeah…. and we had a outside photobooth!

Documenting the Minnesota Road Trip

For my Aussies…. Sorry this has taken so long to post! I hope theses remind you of the rediculous moments we had during our reunion weekend. Miss you girls already!