Minnesota Stars

Just so you have a little bit of background…..

In the summer of 2008, my amazing hippie friend and I took a trip to Australia that changed our lives.  We were supposed to go for a photography course but left with not only new photo skills, but the knowledge of an amazing culture and 20 new friends that most of us now call family.  So last weekend 5 of us took a trip out to Minnesota to see one of our own get married! When we weren’t celebrating for the wedding, we were catching up on new things going on in our lives and old stupid things we said and did in Australia. With a late night fire on the lake, and 7 bottles of wine later I decided to try and shoot the stars that we definitely dont see here in Boston. Im pretty sure I saw the Milky way for the first time.

Anyway…. here… check out the stars!


Boston Skyline

Just one of many skyline views Boston has to offer of course…

My awesome friend Heather (who shoots amazing Panos) and I decided to go find a skyline to shoot. Her recommendation was to head over to Lo Presti park which turned out to be incredible! From Lo Presti Park, you can see a skyline filled with lights from the Zakim Bridge, Faneuil Hall area, and the ships from the marina by the Aquarium. It was even pretty just to watch the tide come in over the jetty.  Not to mention it was a beautiful night out! What do you think?!

Celebrating July 4th in Lynn

Once again, Lynn is a pretty cool place to be. On the 4th of July, well 3rd of July (close enough) Lynn puts on a great fireworks show. Lucky for me, my best friend lives literally right on the water, so I get a front row seat to the fireworks, the ocean, and best of all… the people watching! Lynn is definitely a top notch place to people watch and to hang out with her giant family.  And by giant family I mean 6 uncles that are at least 6′ tall which is twice as tall as me, and about 10-15 little cousins under the age of 15, who are also pretty much taller than me. But then again, it doesn’t take much to beat my 4’11” (and a half).


Anyway, here are some shots I got from the 3rd of July. Where ever you were celebrating, I hope you had a great holiday!


Lynn Beach

See, Lynn Beach CAN be beautiful sometimes! A while back I was waiting on the beach and decided to shoot a bit. It ended up being a really pretty night and I got these….

Lynn is one of those places that no one can understand unless you actually live there. And even if you live there, and aren’t from there, even then you still may not understand. The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear “oh, im from Lynn”, is “Lynn Lynn, the city of sin…..” and we always finish their sentence. Believe it or not, this place of “sin” has a lot to offer. We grew up in a place where we experienced life at a young age, we met people of all different ethnicities and backgrounds, and most of us don’t think twice. We grew up knowing about city life, and I for one am glad I grew up that way. Lynn doesn’t just have 4 corners, it has about 9 sides and boarders about 5 cities. It has its nice ball fields, too many elementary schools to count, Lynn woods, local bars, and places you just don’t go after dark, and if you do, your doors are locked and windows up no matter how hot it is. It has a good and a bad side but Lynn truly can be a beautiful place. It has tons of history behind it and if people just dug a little deeper, they might see the happy in a not so happy looking place.



What better way than to start my first post with a new pet! Meet Lola. She is my families new chocolate lab that could steal anyone’s heart. Shes still growing into her giant feet and still not the most graceful but adorable as ever.  Once I figure out this blog thing a bit more ill be back…. but, bye for now.