The Faces of the Uniform – From Town to Town

Ive been in Israel now since October 12, 12 days. Ive met, photographed and learned from 7 female Israeli soldiers with 2 more to meet.  And Ive been to town after town, city after city, exploring as much as I can. But with the times still being tense between conflicted people, it hasn’t made it easy to explore as much as I normally would. Ive had to drive the long routes to avoid certain cities and towns but on the positive side, you see more when you drive the long road versus the short road.


Unfortunately I won’t be showing any images of the soldiers as of yet. As I mentioned, Ive met with 7 amazing soldiers, but I am still waiting on further information from the IDF Media offices to confirm all is well and my posting guidelines. What I can do, is tell you that I have learned an unbelievable amount that I cannot wait to share. I have met soldiers in search and rescue units, educational units, soldiers who are combat shooting instructors, combat boarder guards, and dog trainers, all under the age of 21. A few will serve for their expected 2 years, others for the 3 years typical of a males service. When Ive asked them if they would choose to serve in the army if it was not a mandatory service, majority ruled yes. Even those who said no are still proud of their jobs and I have the utmost admiration for them.


For now, I am happy to show what goes on in between photo-shoots and drives from Tel Aviv to Tzfat, Haifa to Netanya and more.